• Courageous Acres (formerly Camp Courageous) was founded in 1963 when there were no camps in the local area that would accept children with developmental disabilities. The founding families spent countless man hours building a safe and accessible camp not only for their own children but for anyone with a disability. The founders took great pride in all their accomplishments and we strive to employ staff and counselors that will carry on the enjoyment and traditions that have been instilled.


    Courageous Acres has spent over 50 years building a solid reputation. Recognizing the continual need for expansion of services, Courageous Acres has proactively responded to camper and family feedback with upgraded facilities, new programs, and expand outdoor recreational opportunities. To date, we remain the only camp with a qualitative focus and commitment to ensure comprehensive outdoor recreation for people with developmental disabilities in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. The camp provides developmentally appropriate activities for all ability levels. Programs and activities are age appropriate and allow for full exploration of one’s own abilities, interests, and goals.